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AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) enables you to navigate the Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape. We assist academia, industry, community and government with navigating and learning the complex field of Artificial Intelligence.

AiLab’s mission is to champion global collaboration to further AI awareness via education and the ethical development of AI solutions. We demystify the world of AI by providing education and insights on what is happening in this space and show how AI is transforming the world in which we live.

AiLab provide education programs, research, strategy and talks. We run hands-on workshops that help with transitioning into the AI space, strategy development, pre-vendor planning and privacy/ethics surrounding AI, as well as giving talks and hosting events on all aspects of AI, future work and emerging technologies

AiLab was officially launched at one of our sold out events, ‘Future Jobs in a World of Artificial Intelligence’, took place on the 4th October 2017 and was part of the Open State Festival in Adelaide, South Australia. Read about the event and AiLab featured in The Advertiser.

We revealed the AiLab platform in 2018 at our launch of the first 'Adelaide Artificial Intelligence' Meetup, which we are thrilled to have co-founded and sponsored. Adelaide AI brings together anyone that is interested in AI. Our goal is to build an inclusive, fun and informed AI community and provides a networking platform that brings together leading industry speakers to promote the latest in AI to a supportive community. Visit the Adelaide Artificial Intelligence Meetup Group to join the community. Our launch night on 23 August 2018 was a roaring success and we've since held further sold-out events.

We love forming cool partnerships, so if you are interested in connecting with or sponsoring AiLab, we’d love to hear from you. 

Dr. John Flackett: Head of AiLab [View John's profile]