AiLab enables you to navigate the Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape and has been created through our love, knowledge and expertise in AI. Our goal is to assist as many people as possible in learning how individuals, businesses and government can use AI. We aim to demystify the field of AI by providing relevant & up-to-date information on what is happening in this space and show how AI transforms the world in which we live.

AiLab will provide resources, online learning, news and interviews with Artificial Intelligence experts from across the world. We also run workplace AiLabs (workshops) that help with transitioning into the AI space, policy development and privacy/ethics surrounding AI. Stay tuned for details on AiLab's upcoming talks and events on all aspects of AI, as well as big data, privacy and other future tech.

One of our sold out events, ‘Future Jobs in a World of Artificial Intelligence’, took place on the 4th October 2017 and was part of the Open State Festival in Adelaide, South Australia. Read about the event and AiLab featured in The Advertiser.

Through December 2017 & January 2018, AiLab visited the United Kingdom to meet with leading AI experts to discuss the AI landscape in Europe. We also attended the Digital Ethics Summit (in London) and ran workshops and presentations on AI and Future Jobs.

We love forming cool partnerships, so if you are interested in connecting with or sponsoring AiLab, we’d love to hear from you. Watch this space for the full platform release and in the meantime, please register your interest in AiLab below.

Dr. John Flackett: Head of AiLab

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