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Unplugging from Technology!

Technology is everywhere

I had a great one-to-one meeting today, but there was something out of the ordinary about it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but as time went on I realised conversation was flowing nicely and we were really getting into the issues at hand. Then it dawned on me….

The other person had her phone switched off!

It doesn’t sound like much, but it made all the difference. Think about the last time you were in a meeting - how many times do the people check their phones, or even worse, answer calls? This never used to happen but now it seems to be the norm!

We are in a fully connected world where technology is always trying to get our attention. Mobile phones, tablets, smart TV’s and now watches. The other day I even saw someone checking their fitbug halfway through a conversion - I presume standing in one place was effecting their step goal for the day!

Unplug from tech

Sometimes I leave my mobile at home. Whenever I do, I never miss it and I enjoy not being at its beck-and-call. I think we should all practice unplugging a little bit more and start enjoying time away from technology. Here’s a little list of what I try to do to unplug a little:

  • Leave my mobile at home sometimes.
  • Leave my mobile on silent for long periods.
  • Read and answer emails at set times throughout the day.
  • Always put my phone away in meetings (face down or in my pocket).
  • Don’t check emails or text messages as soon as they come in.

Next time you are in a meeting, put your phone well away and leave it there. If you have the power, ask that everyone else does the same... see what a difference it makes.



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