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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the design and development of computer systems that can perform tasks which usually require human intelligence to undertake. Tasks such as understanding natural language require innate human skills that are extremely difficult for computers to model and solve.

Although the field of AI has been around since the beginning of computers, progress in modelling human-level tasks has been slow – until recently that is. The last few years have seen an incredible advancement of computer systems that can solve some very complex tasks (such as recoginising objects in photos, playing difficult board games and even lip-reading). The world is currently gripped by AI fever and the promise it brings to both the business and personal online spaces.

We've launched our new Artificial Intelligence Lab (AiLab)

AiLab officially launched registrations of interest at koolth’s recent sold out event, ‘Future of Jobs in a world of Artificial Intelligence’, which was part of the Adelaide’s Open State Festival and was also featured in The Advertiser with an interview with our Dr. John Flackett. AiLab's goal is to assist as many people as possible to learn how individuals, businesses and government can use and navigate the world of AI. AiLab will provide Artificial Intelligence resources, labs/workshops, events, online learning, news and interviews. Visit our AiLab page to register your interest and get in touch if you would like to find out more!

We build intelligent software

We have been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques within koolth for a number of years and have continued researching and developing AI systems and the underlying algorithms that power them. We are proud to start bringing our expert AI knowledge from the lab and into the real-word and offer software that utilises Artificial Intelligence techniques to our clients. We are currently working on a suite of exciting intelligent tools that our clients can make use of and that propel koolth web solutions to the next level.

Understanding events

Our newly developed EventAware software is an online, intelligent aggregator that uses Artificial Intelligence to collate events from across the web. EventAware utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify, search and keep events up-to date. To find out more, see our EventAware page and get in touch if you would like further information!

Smart City Technologies

One very exciting use of AI is in building Smart City solutions. From autonomous transport, to intelligent powergrids and smart building materials, Artificial Intelligence is set to transform we way we work, rest and play. We are proud to be based in Adelaide – one of the first Smart Cities in the world – and to be involved in the design, development and consultancy of smart solutions for better living (watch this space!).

Who are we?

koolth is a smart web specialist company. We empower people with next generation online tools and transform businesses by providing powerful online experiences and expert web solutions.

GovHack Unleashed Adelaide

GovHack Unleashed Adelaide

On 11-13th July 2014, we took part in the second annual, GovHack open data competition, right here in Adelaide. In a single weekend, we managed to create an app…...

Latest work

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