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Urban Intelligence

We like to think of a 'Smart City' as a city that embraces technology to connect and monitor services to provide an enhanced city experience. technologies such as smart phones and the internet of things are adding extra layers of information to our public spaces, and transforming the urban environment.

The Conversation

Using our experience in Big Data, Machine Learning and smart online solutions, koolth is perfectly poised to help develop the next generation of tools that help empower Urban Intelligence.

Adelaide Smart City

In addition to our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart web solutions, koolth’s location in Adelaide, South Australia means we are able to leverage the city’s enviable position as one of Cisco’s “Lighthouse Cities” – this is especially important for prototyping ideas and testing Smart City solutions.

Update: Check out a interview nbn Australia had with very own Dr. John Flackett on Adelaide being the Smart City to watch.

Adelaide also boasts other high profile Smart City partners including the Adelaide City Council, University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia, and other high profile companies such as Microsoft, Telstra and the AIIA.

Smart Technologies & Smart Cities

As cutting-edge, web specialists, we are passionate about applying the latest technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)) to solve problems that make cities smarter and more enjoyable to live in. We are thrilled to be involved in the design, development and consultancy of smart solutions for better living (watch this space!). Get in touch to find out how we can help!

Who are we?

koolth is a smart web specialist company. We empower clients with next generation online tools and transform businesses by providing powerful online experiences, expert web solutions & world-class AI education programs.

Unplug from technology

Unplug from technology

Think about the last time you were in a meeting - how many times do the people check their phones, or even worse, answer calls? Is it time to unplug a little?...

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