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AI Future Business Benefits Forum

Dr. John Flackett Panel Speaker: AI – Future Business Benefits Forum

On the 11th July 2018, our Co-founder, Dr. John Flackett, will be speaking in Queensland about Artificial Intelligence at the AI – Future Business Benefits Forum organised by The Old Ambulance Station and Sunshine Coast Council. The event will be held at The Old Ambulance Station, Main Gallery, 80 Howard Street, Nambour, Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4560 from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

Business event summary

Artificial Intelligence – Future Business Benefits Forum

In a non confronting and easy to digest manner, this two hour panel, Q&A and mingle session will discuss the current nature and practical aspects of AI. It will de-bunk the myths and recommend how businesses can embrace AI, both now and in to the future. The forum will also suggest what tips can be provided when looking at service providers to support a business’s AI needs.

The panel will consist of three informed and influential thinkers, writers and speakers on AI; Dr Natalie Rens, the Artificial Intelligence Specialist for the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur; Dr. John Flackett the co-founder of koolth (smart web specialist company) and AiLab, a business focused on AI education and collaboration; and Zach Johnson the founder and CEO of Xandra, a conversation design studio working voice platforms.

For full details on this event please visit The Old Ambulance Station website and to book a ticket, please visit Eventbrite.

John has presented at events in the UK, Europe, Australia and USA. If you would like him to speak at your convention, conference, or event, please call us on +61 (0) 8 8464 0787 or email us to enquire or make a booking.


Who are we?

koolth is a smart web specialist company. We empower clients with next generation online tools and transform businesses by providing powerful online experiences, expert web solutions & world-class AI education programs.

koolth featured in Investment Attraction SA

koolth featured in Investment Attraction SA

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Working with John and Emma from koolth was an absolute delight. From beginning to end they were professional, attentive and made the process as easy as possible.