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koolth Open State Festival 2017

koolth are a proud partner of Open State Festival 2017

UPDATE (4/10/17): We are thrilled to say that the event was sold out and we had a full house of people filling the Open State Dome. Thank you so much to everyone that attended, to the wonderful panel, to our event supporters and to the Open State and GoGo event team.

Event summary

koolth are proud to partner with Open State to present our exciting event 'Future Jobs in a World of Artificial Intelligence' (and automation) as part of the Open State Festival 2017. This event will include a panel of leading figures that will discuss the future employment options in a world in which Artificial Intelligence and automation displaces millions of jobs. The event will be held on the Wednesday 4th October 2017 from 12.00pm to 2.00pm at the Open State Dome, Victoria Square (Southern End), Adelaide, South Australia.

New technologies, automation and especially Artificial Intelligence, is leading to widescale job replacement. Many businesses are looking to employ new technologies to maintain competitive advantage, but few are considering the scale and social impact of job losses. This event will explore employment options (and opportunities) in a world of automation and Artificial Intelligence and the expert panel will discuss how business, governments and society should reframe their thinking around the future of jobs.

We are thrilled to announce the wonderful Jan Owen AM Hon Dlitt from the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) will be keynote speaker and panel member at this event, discussing the future of work for young Australians.

Speakers & Panel

Jan Owen AM Hon DLitt (Keynote Speaker & Panel Member):

CEO of Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)

Dr. John Flackett (Host, Speaker & Panel Member):

Director/Co-Founder of koolth & Co-Founder/Head of AiLab.

Beth Worrall (MC):

Marketing Manager for Buddy Platform

Kirk Drage (Panel Member):

CEO of LeapSheep

Anne Lawrence (Panel Member):

Head of Industry Development for Sunshine Coast Council, Queensland

Event friends

Huge thanks to the awesome Rhys Moult, Michelle Howie and the wonderful Refugee Talent for helping to support this event. To find out more about Refugee Talent and the brilliant work they are doing, you can visit their website and also check out our Refugee Talent blog article.

koolth are really proud to be a partner of Open State and to work with them to deliver our event 'Future Jobs in a World of Artificial Intelligence'.



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